Daylight Savings Time

My great-uncle Joe never took much heed with Daylight Savings Time.  I don’t remember which time he kept, I just remember that he never sprang forward or fell back.  His watch remained and he would add (or subtract!) an hour half the year, each year.

I’m sure he wasn’t the only one to do this, but he’s the one I remember most.  I would sit in his lap and look at his wrist watch like it was going to tell me something I didn’t already know.

This isn’t the best picture of him, but it was all I could find of him alone today.

 harris, joseph lawrence

Joseph Lawrence Harris

26 November 1905 — 13 December 1992



Friday’s Faces from the Past

My father and grandmother in 1949, around May.  I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out.

Racie & Randy Morris--before

Racie Harris Morris & Randy–before

Racie & Randy Morris

Racie Harris Morris & Randy Morris–after

Friday Faces from the Past

Here’s another before and after photo for Friday Faces from the Past.

This is the LeeRoy Harris Family.  The picture was taken before 1812, because Alice died in 1812.  Georgia was the youngest child and she was born in 1897.  I suppose she could be around 12.

Several folks in this picture will appear in an upcoming 52 Ancestors post.  For the time being, a few facts.

In the center are LeeRoy Harris and his 2nd wife Nancy Elizabeth Russell.

LeeRoy’s daughter Alice is standing in the middle back.  She is my great-grandmother.  She died when my grandmother, Racie, was 6 months old.  Front left we find William Christopher Harris, Alice’s husband and Racie’s father.

Interestingly, I didn’t notice the writing in the upper portion of the photo until I was repairing it.  I think it says May G.

LeeRoy Harris Family--Before

Harris, LeeRoy and family
before 1912

LeeRoy Harris Family--After

Harris, Lee Roy and family
before 1912